Want to make a difference for yourself and for others?

Whatever you choose to be there are hundreds of careers in the health sector, an industry that can take you anywhere!

There are the obvious jobs such as a nurse or doctor that you see on Shortland Street or Grey's Anatomy.  Both jobs can be challenging, fast paced and hands on.

But maybe you're not into blood and guts?

No worries. There are other jobs you can do that don’t necessarily mean you'll be cutting people open or mending broken bones.  How about a dietitian or maybe a clinical psychologist?  You could also work in IT, accounting or administration.  The opportunities as they say are endless!

Plus you still get to be part of a challenging industry that makes a difference.

Get a career that moves with you…

Once you've got the necessary experience in health, you might decide it's time to do that big OE.  Take your qualifications with you and see what it is like to work in other health sectors around the globe.  There is no better way to see the world, while broadening your skills and experience!

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Would you like to educate other health professionals?

Meet pharmacist Jean Pierre Meyer...

 New Resource!

The NZMA's Doctors-in-Training Council has developed a new resource aimed at parents undertaking medical training.  Click for more info.


Check out our videos and see for yourself what a career in health is like...

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