Renee Johnson- MRT

Renee Johnson
Senior Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT) (ECC/Mobiles)
Waitemata District Health Board

I decided to work in health as I had always wanted a career where I helped people. I had thought initially of being a nurse, but after visiting a Radiology Department for a day in year 12, I knew this was the job for me. I trained and then started working as a MRT for two years before I decided to have a break. I decided to travel and ended up working as a ski instructor in Austria and Switzerland, but I didn’t want to pursue that career long term, so getting back into Radiology seemed the logical step.

I returned to New Zealand and began working at the Radiology department at North Shore Hospital, Waitemata District Health Board. I think it is one of the best of its kind in New Zealand and the staff were very welcoming and supportive. I guess I am lucky that re-registering was not a problem for me as I was able to just put my NZ membership on hold while I went overseas and re-started it when I returned. It would be more complicated now with the compulsory Continuing Professional Development programme.

It was a really satisfying feeling being back in a job helping people as part of their patient journey in health again, rather than just helping them have a nice ski holiday. Before I left for my OE I had worked at a private Radiology practice in Hamilton, so it was a bit hard coming back into the health workforce and into a large public hospital. It was a real challenge getting used to helping acutely unwell patients, as well as adapting my technique for immobile patients. Since coming back to work as a MRT, it has been a great learning experience. I now work with Computer Radiology instead film and I have also trained in CT which I really enjoy.

Probably one of my most memorable experiences being back on the job was when a water pipe burst in the ceiling above Radiology and it was all hands on deck to try and save our very expensive equipment. Due to some fast moves, a lot of tarpaulins and a few firemen we only lost one x-ray machine to water damage!

My family are happy to have me back in the country and I am happy to back working helping people and enjoying a few career advancements along the way! 




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