Jill Baker- Registered Nurse

Jill Baker
Registered Nurse
Taranaki District Health Board

I trained as a Registered Nurse and had over 20 years of experience before I decided to take a break from Nursing. During my time away from Nursing my passion that drew me to the profession never waivered - I still wanted to assist people to get well and stay well and decided to come back to work as a Registered Nurse. To get back into the role, I had to do a Return to Practice course which I did through Taranaki District Health Board. Initially I was afraid that I would not be able to integrate back into the workforce or perform above the expectations of others. The wonderful support I received enabled me to integrate well back into the workforce. The staff that I have worked with since returning have provided fantastic support and information without condemnation or alienation. My family are happy to see me working in an environment I enjoy so much and I’m glad to be back doing what I trained for - helping people get well and stay well.


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