How to manage a career change

Changing careers and returning to health is a big step. It can be quite a daunting process especially if you need to re-train or to up-skill. We have a few ideas to help you successfully manage your career change. It will be worth the hard work in the long run!

The first thing you should do is to figure out your likes and dislikes. There is no point doing a job you hate. It can be a good idea to write a list of all your hobbies, things you are truly passionate about and what you would do if money wasn’t an object. If possible, you want a job that includes at least some of these things.
Once you know what you are passionate about, you can start to research potential careers. If you have decided that a return to health is for you, find out if there are any specific return to practice requirements. Alternatively, you may find that there are a whole lot of different health roles out there that you hadn’t even considered before. Check out Kiwi Health Jobs to see what is currently being recruited for in the health sector.
And finally, don’t forget your skills. You may have been out of the health work force for a while, but you haven’t been wasting your time. You will have a lot of practical skills that employers will want.

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