Peter Wood, Service Manager for Surgical Services

Peter Wood

Service Manager for Surgical Services
North Shore Hospital, Waitemata District Health Board
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Moved to New Zealand in 2006

What made you decide to relocate to New Zealand?

I was a senior service manager in the UK and after eight years in the same role I decided it was time for a change in setting. I also wanted to experience a different life style and health care setting. New Zealand was ideal for what I was looking for.

Was it a difficult process? Can you comment on the experience - what was easy/ and what was difficult?

The process seemed complex at first but as I worked through the documentation, it became straight forward. I found the immigration department very helpful and responded to my requests quite promptly.

What do you think are the best/worst things about working in health in NZ?

One of the best things about New Zealand is that the Ministry of Health is driving productivity and cost efficiency to enable increased access for the population. It’s fantastic to be working in a health care system that is expanding. On the other side, it’s a system where daily challenges arise in meeting the volume of patients' needs. Also the
salary is not as good as the UK, but in the summer months the out door lifestyle makes up for this shortfall.

Can you comment on your immigration experience with immigration NZ?

Very pleased. They were very supportive during the process.

Would you recommend the move to NZ to others?

YES- I am glad I made the move!


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