Jane Key, Clincial Charge Nurse

Jane Keys

Clinical Charge Nurse in Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology and Paediatric HIV
Auckland City, Auckland District Health Board
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

We decided to move to New Zealand from the UK after we realised the cost of living was cheaper in New Zealand. We had also heard that it was a great place to bring up children. Once we had made the decision to come so many people said “ohhhh you will love the lifestyle there”. It was difficult to really understand what they meant until we arrived. Now we are enjoying a lovely climate, the friendliness of the people, the scenery, the fact that there are plenty of things to do and places to go that are great for children, but that are essentially free (beaches, reserves, walks, parks etc), things we simply didn’t have any access to in the UK. A lot of Kiwis moan about the traffic here, but by comparison I have not found it that bad. Anyone who has sat on the M25 going nowhere for hours will not be phased by the traffic here in Auckland.

The process itself of moving from the UK to New Zealand was pretty straightforward as I was organised and made a list from the expression of interest form with Immigration and the Nursing Council registration application. I went through it step by step, collating all of the evidence and documents I needed. I was pregnant so I knew I had plenty of time, but the whole process was pretty much completed in a few months. I chose to apply for residency before we came. All of the forms are on the Immigration New Zealand website. After submitting my expression of interest I heard back quickly and the actual application largely involved providing the evidence to support what I had written in the expression of interest. I had one problem throughout the process due to an electronic glitch on the online submission form, but after contacting New Zealand House it was resolved quickly.

There were a lot of components to complete and many of the components required me to write off for evidence or accessing other sites to verify evidence. I found the instructions throughout the process very clear and the online resources and support were excellent - I did not find the experience difficult. After speaking with friends who came on work permits and then applied for residency in New Zealand, I would recommend applying for it in the UK as it seems that it is a lot easier to sort out documents and issues beforehand in the UK. It was so easy to get registered with the Nursing Council - I simply supplied everything that they needed on their list and they sent me my registration!

I would definitely recommend the move to New Zealand to others. New Zealand is a great place to raise children, the health care service is comparable to what I was used to in the UK. There are a few differences but I am enjoying working here and have had plenty of career opportunities. Now I finally understand what people meant about the lifestyle – things are less frenetic here than in the UK. Auckland is busier than most places here in NZ, but even Auckland is not as crowded and dirty like many UK cities. In the summer, we spend a lot of time on the beach or in the park; my children are great swimmers and love the outdoors. The climate here is great too – it is cold for a few months of the year but the rest of the time it is generally pleasant outside and warm and sunny a lot of the time– aside from the odd deluge of rain.

There are very few things that we cannot buy here that we miss from the UK. These are mostly specific brands, but there is much less rampant commercialism here and I love that. The tourist attractions (theme parks, observatories, museums etc) here are often smaller or less modern than in the UK, but they are less crowded and have their own charm about them, so I don’t feel my children are missing out.

The schools here are excellent (I guess this will vary from school to school) but my son goes to a great school and I am very happy with his progress.

I also really like Kiwis and their friendliness, openness and generosity. When we arrived here several people went out of their way to help us get settled and they have become like family to us.




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