Colin Fairweather, Procurement Specialist

Colin Fairweather MCIPS

Procurement Specialist
Auckland City, Auckland District Health Board
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Moved to New Zealand in March 2009

Why did you decide to relocate to New Zealand?

I decided to make the move to New Zealand as it was a great opportunity to live in a less crowded country with a better lifestyle. Professional development was also a huge motivation; I wanted to use my qualifications and experience. Employment opportunities were another driving factor. I got a job with Auckland District Health Board and I wanted to work in the public sector for an organisation with strong values.

Was it a difficult process?
The process of emigration was long and complex. You should be prepared as it requires a great deal of research and preparation. Nothing was particularly difficult for me, but it required a great deal of patience. In general, my experience has been positive and taking into account that I was recruited from the other side of the world, the process worked very well! I was warmly welcomed into the procurement team and it has been a smooth transition.

Can you comment on your registration experience with your professional board in NZ?

The registration process was really easy for me. I was easily able to transfer my registration with my professional body (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply - C.I.P.S). All it took was one email to the UK branch of C.I.P.S and it was completed within less than a week.

Can you comment on your immigration experience with Immigration NZ?
New Zealand Immigration was really easy to deal with. I was very prepared and supplied complete and accurate documentation. Due to this, I was able to get my visa processed within 2 working days from their London office.

Would you recommend the move to NZ to others?

I would definitely recommend the move to others considering it - without hesitation!



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