Midwives have an important role to play in New Zealand with around 80% of New Zealand women selecting midwives to be their lead maternal carer. Midwifery features on Immigration New Zealand's skill shortage list and around 37% of our midwives were trained overseas. So why did all these midwives choose to come to New Zealand?

A recent study found that lifestyle factors were the primary motivating factor in enticing midwives to New Zealand. However, our model of birth-care and the opportunity to work in either the community or in a hospital are also good reasons to come.

1. Registration

To work in New Zealand legally, you need to gain registration with the New Zealand Midwifery Council. Please visit their comprehensive website for all the practical information you need. You can apply for registration online.

If you trained in Australia, you can apply and practice in New Zealand under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act.

Check out our flow chart for more information on the registration process.

2. Job offer

After you have gained registration with the Midwifery Council, you can begin your job hunt. Visit the national health job website, Kiwihealthjobs.com to begin your hunt today.

3. Work visa

To be eligible to work in New Zealand, you need to be issued a work visa by Immigration New Zealand. This is a relatively easy process as midwives are on the skill shortage list in New Zealand. Therefore, most registered midwives will be sponsored by their employer in their bid to get a work visa. If you are an Australian national, you do not need to apply for a work visa. 

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