Immigrating to New Zealand

If you are not a New Zealand Citizen or Resident, then you need the right sort of visa to be able to work here. There are a number of different visas for which you could apply. We have summarised the main types here, but more information is available on Immigration New Zealand's website

Skilled Migrants Visa

Because various health professions are on Immigration New Zealand's skill shortage list, you may be eligible to apply for a skilled migrants visa. This visa enables you to live and work permanently in New Zealand. For more information, see Immigration New Zealand's website.

Work to Residence

If your skills are needed by New Zealand employers, you can apply to work in New Zealand under the Work to Residence category. For more information, see Immigration New Zealand's website

Residence from Work

After working for two years under the Work to Residence category, you can apply for residence under the Residence from Work Category.

Temporary Work

This visa is awarded to people who have a job offer from a New Zealand employer. You can also get it if you need to come here for a specific purpose or event, you are a student or trainee who wants to work here, or you want to join your partner here and be able to work. Find out more... 

Working Holiday

You may be eligible for a working holiday visa if you are aged between 18 and 30 years. See Immigration New Zealand's website for more information.

Silver Fern Categories

This visa is designed to attract skilled young people to New Zealand. With this visa, you can come to New Zealand for nine months and look for skilled employment. In order to apply, you must be aged between 20 and 35 years, be outside of New Zealand, meet all of the qualification and English requirements and have sufficient funds to support yourself while you are here. However, only 300 Silver Fern Visas are awarded per year. See Immigration New Zealand's website for more information.

Please contact Immigration New Zealand if you have any further questions.


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