120,000 people can't be wrong.

120,000 people are currently working to keep New Zealand healthy.

That's 120,000 people providing important health services to New Zealanders in over 300 different jobs.

From the Ministry of Health which watches where the dollars go, to hospital staff, GPs and pharmacists who work in the community.

The low down on the NZ health sector:

The sector as a whole can be confusing — even for those that work in it. Basically most of the health services are provided by:

20 District Health Boards (DHBs) who provide hospital services, some community and public health services, and assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services.
• The Ministry of Health which guides and funds DHBs and work closely with the Minister of Health to identify areas of health that need attention.
Primary Health Organisations (PHOs), that bring together GPs, nurses and other health workers.
Private health services which provide non-urgent and elective treatments and treatment for those with private health insurance.




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