Control your destiny...

To get the life you want after you have finished school, you should start thinking about the subjects you are studying now and where they will take you.

If you are interested in medicine, you should be looking at science, maths and an English-rich subject.  If you are more into a career in business, you can still work in the health sector. Consider English, economics, accounting and maths subjects.

It's never too early or too late to start thinking about your career options and how you are going to get there!

Tertiary training — where life begins.

If you are keen to do some formal study, there are many options. You can do courses at a range of tertiary institutions, including universities, polytechnics, wananga or private training establishments.

Every establishment will have different entry criteria. Check out the links to different tertiary training institutions from the A-Z careers page under each career to see what institutions are out there for the course you are interested in.


Can't wait?

If University isn't your thing, but you still want a career that makes a difference, that's sweet. There are jobs in health that you can get into without studying first.

Have a look through the A-Z list of careers and see if there is anything you like.  You might just find what you're looking for.

Remember, you may have to study at some point — even when you're on the job so don't throw your books away just yet.


Already working?

In the changing world we live in, you don’t want to be restricted to one career for your whole life.

If you aren't in school or have been working for a while, you can still get into a career in health.

You won't be able to do brain surgery straight away, and some other jobs also might require you to do some training first.

Check out our A-Z careers list or look in the job vacancies pages of the health organisations listed in links for jobs that appeal to you.

There are options where students can earn while they learn. If you don't want to go back to being a poor student you might want to learn through an Industry Training Organisation. 

Or contact any training institution and have a chat with them. They have great student advisory services and know their courses better than anyone else...



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