Scholarships — don’t let money get in your way

It's true, for many jobs in health you will need to study at university; and yes and it does cost money.

BUT there are scholarships, grants and awards that can help fund your study.

There are loads out there, so it pays to do your research.  Some may cover tuition fees only, others may cover all course costs and some of your living expenses.  You may need to meet certain criteria, but there are plenty of opportunities available to you, so definitely start looking!

CareersNZ also has some great information about scholarships - click here to have a look.

Types of Scholarships:

University Scholarships

Many universities, polytechs and other education providers offer their own scholarships, grants and awards.

Government Scholarships: They want you!

The New Zealand Government is committed to encouraging young people like you into working in health.

Maori and Pacific Scholarships

There are many organisations out there— both in government and non government sectors—that can provide assistance for Maori and Pacific Island students to step into a career in health.


Our Advice
take time to investigate what scholarships are out there

if they ask for references, ask your siblings, parents, teachers, sports coaches or church minister for help. (that is if you've turned up for school, training, work and Sunday school!)
get someone to check over your application (a guidance counsellor would be the best option)
know when the deadlines are —you've got to be IN to WIN
Read Jessica's story on her experinece applying for Scholarships.




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